Tejarak | Tejarak provides beautiful solutions for your business; Do attendance easily and enjoy realtime reports.Tejarak

Do attendance easily and enjoy real time reports

Setup your dedicated and beautiful attendance system in less than a minute and have a real time and scrupulously monitoring on your business from anywhere

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Wherever You Go

Enjoy your travels and do not be too concerned about control attendance in your business. Everything is in sync.

In addition of website, without need to install app, check real time reports of staffs status from messengers like Telegram, SMS, email in your mobile. Anywhere, from sitting on the chair of management to sitting on the beach!

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Work With Any Team

For each work need attendance use Tejarak! Your business, a side project and anywhere you need to control traffic and add some organized.

All of the above, at Enterprise scale

Enterprise plan brings the power and utility of Tejarak to large, complex organizations.

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Setting Up Tejarak Is Easy

Set up a team in less than a minute!

Set up a team in less than a minute! It's FREE! Try it.

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Not sure how to start? Tejarak is free to use as long as you want for teams of all sizes. Not worries.

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You can easily upgrade to our paid plans, which offer more features and controls.

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